Professional Services


Every organization, whether small or large, wants to ensure that its network and data is secured. The exponential growth of amount of sensitive data, evolving mobile technologies, expansion of data centers and cloud computing makes networks and data more vulnerable to attacks and hacks.One of the greatest challenges in today’s rapidly growing technologies is Security.

From strategic advisory consulting, incident response, design and deploy services to cloud security services, netnology has the expertise to help you stay ahead of cyber criminals.

Our security services enable you to integrate with threat services, innovate without introducing risk, and mature your program over time. Our experts with multiple industry Security certifications provide a holistic approach for Security design using multi-vendor and open-source technologies.

Assesment & Design
  •   Requirements gathering workshop
  •   Assessment and gap analysis report
  •  Design workshop
  •  Network architecture blueprint
  •  Detailed design document
  • Design validation and testing
  • Risk assessment, gap analysis and audit report
Implement & Migrate
  •   Proof of concept and demonstration
  •   Network implementation plan
  •  Network migration plan
  •   Operational run books
  •   Knowledge transfer
Product Portfolio
  •   Cisco ASA ​
  •   Cisco Firepower ​
  •  Cisco ISE​
  •   Cisco Tetration
  •   Cisco Umbrella
  •   Cisco XDR
  •   Palo Alto​ Firewall
  •   Juniper​ Firewall
  •   Fortinet​ Firewall

Technology Practices