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At Netnology we strive towards finding new and innovative ways to solve customer problems and drive adoption of leading-edge technology solutions around SDNFV, Data Center, Cloud, Security and Full-Stack Observabillity. As part of our culture of innovation, we launched the Netnology SDx Innovation Labs (nSIL) which provides customers access to a fully integrated multi-vendor cross-domain SDx environment.

Customers can leverage nSIL to incubate technology solutions across multiple software-defined technology domains such as Data Center (SD DC), WAN (SD-WAN), Campus & Branch (SD Access), and Cloud (AWS, Azure & GCP).

nSIL is focused on helping customers through technology adoption lifecycle by leveraging Netnology’s methodology based on the principles of Innovate, Incubate, Educate and Accelerate.

Customers can take advantage of the advanced capabilities within nSIL which is powered by Netnology’s Services Platform (nSP) and Telemetry Platform (nTP) to help customers design, test, deploy and scale their SDx, NFV & Cloud environments within minutes and hours, instead of days and weeks.

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Key Features of nSIL

Some of the key features of nSIL include the following

Fully Integrated, Multi-Vendor Cross-Domain (SDx) Environment.

SD Data Center (Cisco, VMware)

Netnology Software Platforms (nSP, nTP).

SD-WAN (Viptela, VeloCloud, Versa, SilverPeak, CloudGenix).

Cisco SD Access (DNAC, SDA, ISE).

Multi-Cloud (AWS, Azure,GCP).

nSIL Service Offers

Below are some of the key service offers currently supported by nSIL

 Proof of Concept (PoC) Services
 Design & Integration Services
 Testing & Validation Services
 Interoperability Services
 Competitive Bakeoff Services
 Proof of Value (PoV) Services

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