Netnology Telemetry Platform (nTP)

At Netnology, we understand that customers have a multi-vendor heterogeneous landscape across their Network Infrastructure, Applica­tions, and Services. Customers typically deploy 10-30 different platforms (vendor-based or homegrown) to gain observability across their environments and manage various silo’d technology domains (Data Center, WAN, Remote Campus/Branch and Cloud). This creates operational challenges in managing complex network environments and does not provide easy end-to-end manageability. To address this challenge, we introduced the Netnology Telemetry Platform (nTP).  

 was developed using open-source technolo­gies to provide end-to-end Telemetry across Infrastructure, Applications, and Services. This provides better operational insights for customers across their legacy networks, software-defined solutions (SDx) as well as Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments by leveraging Service Level Indicators (SLIs). 

 helps simplify operations and reduce OPEX through orchestrated software integra­tion, analytics and correlation leading to informed decisions. Our approach is to lever­age APIs to collect, aggregate, store, analyze, visualize and correlate data in a meaningful way using open-source technologies.

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Key Features

Single Pane Of Glass To Provide Observability Across Legacy, SDx And Multi-Cloud Environments.

Customized Dashboards For Aggregated Views Across Multi-Domain Environments.

Full-Stack Observability Through Infrastructure, Applications And Services.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In, Reduce Licensing And Maintenance Costs

End-To-End SDx Domain Integration And Stitch-Through By Lever­aging APIs

Simplify Northbound Integrations With Third-Party Platforms (ITSM, SIEM, OSS).

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