Professional Services

Full-Stack Observability (FSO)

Netnology services can transform your employee and customer experiences while you build a more productive organisation with FSO. Observability has become the catalyst for both transformation and innovation.

Enterprises must provide tools that discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns in real-time, from anywhere around the world. Organisations may apply FSO to business data to describe, predict, and improve business performance. Netnology can help simplify FSO solutions for customers.

Dashboard with Graph, Search and Pie Illustration
Assesment & Design
  •   Requirements gathering workshop
  •   Assessment and gap analysis report
  •  Design workshop
  •  Network architecture blueprint
  •  Detailed design document
  • Design review and validation
Implement & Migrate
  •   Proof of concept and demonstration
  •   Analytics implementation plan
  •  Analytics migration plan
  •   Analytics solution acceptance test plan
  •   Operational run books
  •   Knowledge transfer
Product Portfolio
  •   AppDynamics
  •   Thousand Eyes
  •  Cisco Tetration​
  •   Cisco Nexus Dashboard
  •   Cisco Intersight
  •   Cisco IWO
  •   Cisco FSO Solution

Technology Practices