Cisco Multidomain Pre-Sales Workshop

Course Description

This workshop is designed with the “life-of-a-pre-sales-engineer and account manager” in mind. This workshop will provide “just-enough” information to build a baseline understanding of Cisco Multidomain integrations, how to position, demo, and finally building a BOM and a SOW to accelerate “closing the deal”. This course is built and delivered by subject matter experts (SME) who are “neck-deep” with Cisco Multidomain solutions and cover many lessons learned in this journey.

Course Type

Instructor-led course (onsite/remote)

    Familiarity with Cisco Software Defined, Cloud and Security Solutions


1-2 Days *Customized curriculums available

Course Objectives

Cisco Multidomain Pre-Sales Workshop covers following topics:

  • Business Value
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Multidomain Positioning
  • Multidomain Fundamentals
  • Multidomain Use-case Demos
    1. Cisco ISE and ACI Integration
    2. Cisco SDWAN and ACI Integration
    3. Cisco DNAC, ISE and ACI Integration
    4. Cisco Tetration and ACI Integration
    5. Cisco ACI Anywhere Integration
    6. Cisco HX and SDWAN Integration
    7. Cisco Umbrella and SDWAN Integration
    8. Cisco AppD and CWOM Integration
  • Building a BOM & SOW
    1. Scoping Questionnaire
          • Identifying Customer Requirement
          • Identifying General Requirement
    2. Bill of Material (BOM)
          • Identifying Hardware and Software
          • Identifying General Requirement
    3. Scope of Work (SOW)
          • Identifying Services Requirements
          • Building a SOW
  • Conclusion
    1. Key Takeaways
    2. Next Steps


The primary audience for this course are:

  • Sales & Systems Engineers
  • Account Managers
  • Network Architects & Engineers

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