Cisco FSO Workshop

Course Description

This workshop is designed for network and software architects and engineers who will be configuring, implementing, and managing the Cisco FSO Solution. The course will provide an introduction on how to deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot the Cisco FSO Solution as whole and its comprising components AppDynamics, ThousandEyes, and Cisco Intersight. Students will learn about Cisco FSO Platform, a new telemetry product with a new paradigm of constructing and organizing the relationships between different entities in any application or system integration. A series of guided labs and exercises will be provided to facilitate a hands-on learning experience. This course is built and delivered by subject matter experts (SMEs)who are “neck-deep” with Cisco FSO Solution and Platform and will cover many lessons learned in this journey.

Course Type

Instructor-led course (onsite/remote)

  • Familiarity with the OSI networking layer model
  • Basic understanding of Network Management Systems (NMS)

2 Day *Customized curriculums available

Course Objectives
  • Business Value
  •    Improve Application Performance
  •    Minimize Downtime
  •    Simplify Operations
  • Competitive Landscape
  •   Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
  •   Network Visibility
  •   Remediation
  • FSO Solution & Platform Positioning
  •    SaaS-based Solution
  •    Fine-tunable Role Based Access Control
  •    Extensible Integrations
  • FSO Solution & Platform Fundamentals
  •    Gain Valuable Insight
  •    LAN/WAN Visibility
  •    Actionable Items
  • FSO Solution & Platform Hands-on Labs, Demos, and Exercises
  •    Deep Dive into Identifying Performance and Pain Points
  •    Guided Walkthrough of AppDynamics Retail Use Case
  •    Guided Walkthrough of Troubleshooting with ThousandEyes
  •    Deep Dive into Optimizing Resource Usage and Reducing Costs
  •    Deep Dive into Maintaining and Verifying Security
  •    Capabilities and Feature set Rundown for Cisco FSO Platform
  • Conclusion
  •    Key Takeaways
  •    Next Steps


The primary audiences for this course are:

  • Sales & Systems Engineers
  • Network and Software Architects and Engineers

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