Hybrid & Multi Cloud World: Making the right choices!

Course Description

As Enterprise workload complexities and demand for better security and ROI increase, we see a transformation in the enterprise space to move away from solely relying on on-premise IAAS focused private cloud to a variety of combination of on-prem and multiple public cloud players. This move provides both technical and business advantages. This course will provide students a fundamental understanding of Cloud solutions, its concepts, use-cases, positioning, and some of the other key players’ offered solutions.

Course Type

Instructor-led course, in-person or virtual classroom.


  • “Understanding Cloud Essentials” course offered by Netnology or equivalent knowledge of cloud computing components and public cloud players.


1-2 Days
*Customized curriculum available

Course Objectives

This course covers the Hybrid and Multi Cloud Solutions. It dives into making a business case for Hybrid and Multi Cloud-based IT services and informs the students about different Cloud solutions. The course will also enable the students to create a personal learning roadmap based on the following topics:

  • Public Cloud market leaders
  • Difference between private and public cloud
  • IAAS vs SAAS vs PAAS
  • Managing security across Clouds
  • Different types of Cloud services
  • Hybrid vs multi-cloud
  • Vendor lock-in challenges
  • Workload migration and challenges
  • Managing business strategies across different Clouds
  • Billing implications
  • Managing Disaster recovery, High Availability and SLAs
  • HIPPA compliance across Cloud solutions
  • Data sovereignty and regional laws against data movement


The primary audience for this course are the following:

  • Pre-Sales Engineers and Managers
  • Marketing & Business Development Managers
  • Account Managers