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Netnology has a proven track record of designing and implementing large-scale multi-vendor and open-source solutions for Next-Gen Data Center, Private & Hybrid Cloud and Security. Our services are aligned with customer business outcomes to help optimize cost, reduce complexity and increase efficiency by leveraging Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Automation and Orchestration.

Leveraging our proven methodology, we provide strategic technology direction to our Enterprise and Service Provider customers. Our services model is based on providing design, implement and migration services.

Netnology’s experienced team and deep industry knowledge help ease the transition to new technologies and develop the right solutions with added focus on security for our customers.

Plan and Design

Netnology works closely with you from the initial planning stage through to deployment and operationalization of services to help achieve the desired business outcomes.

Implement and Migrate

Our experts engage with your team to develop a detailed implementation plan based on the customer design, including technical details to ensure a successful deployment.

Assessment and Optimize

We perform audits and assessments to baseline your network including trending analysis to help identify performance issues that can impact service quality.

Strategic Consulting

Netnology partners with you to understand your business requirements, analyze your existing infrastructure and future growth plans to develop an optimal and secured solution for your environment.

In Depth Security

Netnology in-depth security services design and implement the best security solution which provide before – during – and after attack remediation for your business.

Program Management

We strive for excellence and providing exceptional service to our valued customers. Keeping these values in mind, we provide Program Management Services to ensure successful project.
At netnology, a Cisco approved MINT partner, we live and breathe cutting edge solutions for campus and branch, wide area networks and data centers. We provide specialized kickstart enablement and implementation services to expedite the adoption of these new and upcoming solutions. These kickstart services include Proof of Value / Proof of Concept (POV / POC) and Limited Deployment (LD) (a.k.a. Mentored Install).

As part of these service offers, our subject matter experts (SME) partner with your team to ensure a smooth deployment of pre-defined, fixed scope of work and provide knowledge transfer to equip your staff with the necessary skills to configure and manage the environment.

Kickstart Benefits

Netnology has a team of world class engineers who specialize in SDx solutions and are passionate about customer success. Netnology will partner with you to provide:

  • Step-by-step guidance from an SME on solution deployment
  • Configuration and documentation of solutions
  • Knowledge transfer to ensure customer is ready to configure and manage the environment

Kickstart Endorsements:

“Our engineers are more than happy with how the limited deployment engagement went and are very excited about having a working environment to work with and proactively work through their options to test and plan their large-scale migration. Netnology team have given them such a great impression and transfer of knowledge, that we are going to be hard pressed to cool their jets and control their excitement about migrating to this new technology and making sure that the planning, goals and deployment is managed so that it goes as successfully.” Customer IT Director

“The customer was impressed by the technology, the expertise of the Netnology team, but also in the patience demonstrated in answering and white boarding the customer’s many questions throughout the POV engagement. We have a happy customer who is now even more committed to purchasing and deploying the solution across their entire environment.”
 Cisco Systems Architect

Kickstart Services

Cisco SDA & DNA Assurance

  • SDA Mentored POV+
  • SDA Mentored Install
  • DNAC Mentored POV+


  • Mentored POV+
  • Mentored Install
  • MSP Launch
  • iWAN to SDWAN Migration

Cisco ACI

  • Mentored POV+
  • Mentored Install
  • MSO Mentored POV+
  • Cloud ACI Mentored Install

Cisco ISE

  • Mentored POV+
  • Mentored Install

Cisco Tetration

  • Mentored POV+
  • Mentored Install

Cisco Hyperflex

  • Mentored POV+
  • Mentored Install

Cisco AppDynamics

  • Mentored POV+
  • Mentored Install

Cisco DCNM

  • Mentored Install

Cisco ThousandEyes

  • Mentored POV+


  • Mentored POV+
  • Mentored Install

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To navigate through an ocean of complexity inherent in building and managing next-gen, enterprise, data center and cloud environments, netnology believes in a highly trained pre-sales and post-sales workforce to mitigate risks and to ensure that your business objectives are not compromised.

Netnology training methodology encompasses two decades of solutions and architecture experience that is built on industry best practices. Our training methodology assists customers pre-sales teams how to sell the complex technologies and once sold, enabling their post-sales teams with integration and migration while mitigating deployment risk and minimizing service impact.

Our top rated certified trainers have been teaching in class-room style, live and prerecorded video on demand (VoD) webinars to large crowds at well-known industry events and platforms. Having “Cisco DNA”, we have developed multiple training collaterals for Cisco Sales, Services, Engineering and Learning@Cisco and also for other vendors and organizations and enjoy continuing to do so.

Customer Development and Delivery

We develop and deliver customized trainings to meet customers’ requirements and objectives.


In addition to teaching courses developed by netnology, we offer teaching services for other training partners.

Netnology offers a range of introductory to advanced technical collateral development options for product vendors, customers and partners covering data center and cloud solutions and architectures:

  • Technology Deep dives, Whitepapers & Application Notes
  • Product Deep dives, Whitepapers & Application Notes
  • Validated Design & Implementation Guides
  • Proof of Concept & Lab Verification Guides
  • Troubleshooting Guides
  • Hands-on Lab Guides
  • IT Operations Playbooks
At Netnology we strive towards finding new and innovative ways to solve customer problems and drive adoption of leading-edge technology solutions around SDNFV, Data Center, Cloud, Security and Analytics. As part of our culture of innovation, we launched the Netnology SDx Innovation Labs (nSIL) which provides customers access to a fully integrated multi-vendor cross-domain SDx environment.

Customers can leverage nSIL to incubate technology solutions across multiple software-defined technology domains such as Data Center (SD DC), WAN (SD WAN), Campus & Branch (SD Access), and Cloud (AWS, Azure).

nSIL is focused on helping customers through technology adoption lifecycle by leveraging Netnology’s methodology based on the principles of Innovate, Incubate, Educate and Accelerate.

Customers can take advantage of the advanced capabilities within nSIL which is powered by Netnology’s Automation Platform (nAP) and Services Platform (nSP) to help customers design, test, deploy and scale their SDx, NFV & Cloud environments within minutes and hours, instead of days and weeks.

Key Features of nSIL

Some of the key features of nSIL include the following:

Fully integrated, multi-vendor cross-domain (SDx) environment.

SD Data Center (Cisco, VMware)

Netnology Software Platforms (nAP, nHP, nVE).

SDWAN (Viptela, VeloCloud, Versa).

Cisco SD Access (DNAC, SDA, ISE).

Multi-Cloud (AWS, Azure).