Netnology continues to strive towards finding new and innovative ways to solve customer problems and drive adoption of leading-edge technology solutions around SDNFV, Data Center, Cloud, Security and Analytics. As part of our evolving software strategy, we developed the Netnology Services Platform (nSP) which enables customers to design, test, deploy and scale their cross-domain software-defined (SDx) solutions across multiple platforms in minutes and hours, instead of days and weeks.

Customers can leverage nSP for demonstration (Demos) of specific use cases and deploying Proof-of-Value (PoV) and Production environments for SDx solutions. They can also leverage nSP to sign up for self-paced online training with hands-on labs, walk through scripted demos, and view online videos of already implemented customer-specific use cases.

nSP offers customers a cost-effective and scalable way to setup a lab environment to test key features within an SDx solution without making significant investments in building on-prem labs, which may take weeks or months to setup. Customers can take advantage of the advanced capabilities within nSP to design, test and validate their SDx solution before deploying and scaling it in a production environment.

Key Features

Hosted Demos and PoVs for SDx Solutions.       

Virtual Training Environment (self-paced training with hands-on labs).

Online videos, scripted demos.

Lab as a Service (LaaS).

Design as a Service (DaaS).

Testing & Validation as a Service (TVaaS).

nSP Service Offers

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At Netnology, we understand that customers have a multi-vendor heterogeneous landscape across their Network Infrastructure, Applica­tions, and Services. Customers typically deploy 10-30 different platforms (vendor-based or homegrown) to gain visibility across their environments and manage various silo’d technology domains (Data Center, WAN, Remote Campus/Branch and Cloud). This creates operational challenges in managing complex network environments and does not provide easy end-to-end manageability. To address this challenge, we introduced the Netnology Telemetry Platform (nTP).  

nTP was developed using open-source technolo­gies to provide end-to-end Telemetry across Infrastructure, Applications, and Services. This provides better operational insights for customers across their legacy networks, software-defined solutions (SDx) as well as Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments by leveraging Service Level Indicators (SLIs). 

nTP helps simplify operations and reduce OPEX through orchestrated software integra­tion, analytics and correlation leading to informed decisions. Our approach is to lever­age APIs to collect, aggregate, store, analyze, visualize and correlate data in a meaningful way using open-source technologies.

Key Features

Single Pane of Glass to provide visibility across Legacy, SDx and Multi-Cloud environments.

Customized dashboards for aggregated views across multi-domain environments.

Full-stack visibility through Infrastructure, Applications and Services.

Avoid vendor lock-in, reduce licensing and maintenance costs.

End-to-end SDx domain integration and stitch-through by lever­aging APIs.

Simplify northbound integrations with third-party platforms (ITSM, SIEM, OSS).