Hybrid & Multi Cloud World: Making the right choices!

Course Description

As Enterprise workload complexities and demand for better security and ROI increase, we see a transformation in the enterprise space to move away from solely relying on on-premise IAAS focused private cloud to a variety of combination of on-prem and multiple public cloud players. This move provides both technical and business advantages. This course will provide students a fundamental understanding of Cloud solutions, its concepts, use-cases, positioning, and some of the other key players’ offered solutions.


  • “Understanding Cloud Essentials” course offered by Netnology or equivalent knowledge of cloud computing components and public cloud players.

Course Objectives

This course covers the Hybrid and Multi Cloud Solutions. It dives into making a business case for Hybrid and Multi Cloud-based IT services and informs the students about different Cloud solutions. The course will also enable the students to create a personal learning roadmap based on the following topics:

  • Public Cloud market leaders
  • Difference between private and public cloud
  • IAAS vs SAAS vs PAAS
  • Managing security across Clouds
  • Different types of Cloud services
  • Hybrid vs multi-cloud
  • Vendor lock-in challenges
  • Workload migration and challenges
  • Managing business strategies across different Clouds
  • Billing implications
  • Managing Disaster recovery, High Availability and SLAs
  • HIPPA compliance across Cloud solutions
  • Data sovereignty and regional laws against data movement

Course Type

Instructor-led course, in-person or virtual classroom.


1-2 Days
*Customized curriculum available


The primary audience for this course are the following:

  • Pre-Sales Engineers and Managers
  • Marketing & Business Development Managers
  • Account Managers