To navigate through an ocean of complexity inherent in building and managing next-gen, enterprise, data center and cloud environments, netnology believes in a highly trained pre-sales and post-sales workforce to mitigate risks and to ensure that your business objectives are not compromised.

netnology training methodology encompasses two decades of solutions and architecture experience that is built on industry best practices. Our training methodology assists customers pre-sales teams how to sell the complex technologies and once sold, enabling their post-sales teams with integration and migration while mitigating deployment risk and minimizing service impact.

Our top rated certified trainers have been teaching in class-room style, live and prerecorded video on demand (VoD) webinars to large crowds at well-known industry events and platforms. Having “Cisco DNA”, we have developed multiple training collaterals for Cisco Sales, Services, Engineering and Learning@Cisco and also for other vendors and organizations and enjoy continuing to do so.

We develop and deliver customized trainings to meet customers’ requirements and objectives.

In addition to teaching courses developed by netnology, we offer teaching services for other training partners.

netnology offers a range of introductory to advanced technical collateral development options for product vendors, customers and partners covering data center and cloud solutions and architectures:

  • Technology Deep dives, Whitepapers & Application Notes
  • Product Deep dives, Whitepapers & Application Notes
  • Validated Design & Implementation Guides
  • Proof of Concept & Lab Verification Guides
  • Troubleshooting Guides
  • Hands-on Lab Guides
  • IT Operations Playbooks

If you like netnology training & content development team to develop or deliver training content, please contact