At netnology, a Cisco approved MINT partner, we live and breathe cutting edge solutions for campus and branch, wide area networks and data centers. We provide specialized kickstart enablement and implementation services to expedite the adoption of these new and upcoming solutions. These kickstart services include Proof of Value / Proof of Concept (POV / POC) and Limited Deployment (LD) (a.k.a. Mentored Install). As part of these service offers, our subject matter experts (SME) partner with your team to ensure a smooth deployment of pre-defined, fixed scope of work and provide knowledge transfer to equip your staff with the necessary skills to configure and manage the environment.

Kickstart Benefits:
Netnology has a team of world class engineers who specialize in SDX solutions and are passionate about customer success. Netnology will partner with you to provide:

  • Step-by-step guidance from an SME on solution deployment
  • Configuration and documentation of solutions
  • Knowledge transfer to ensure customer is ready to configure and manage the environment

Kickstart Endorsements:
“Our engineers are more than happy with how the limited deployment engagement went and are very excited about having a working environment to work with and proactively work through their options to test and plan their large-scale migration. netnology team have given them such a great impression and transfer of knowledge, that we are going to be hard pressed to cool their jets and control their excitement about migrating to this new technology and making sure that the planning, goals and deployment is managed so that it goes as successfully.” Customer IT Director

“The customer was impressed by the technology, the expertise of the netnology team, but also in the patience demonstrated in answering and white boarding the customer’s many questions throughout the POV engagement. We have a happy customer who is now even more committed to purchasing and deploying the solution across their entire environment.”  Cisco Systems Architect